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Proclivity Cydia alternative how to install tutorial

A new jailbreak tweak management app is now available for iPhone 6 or later users and it wants to replace Cydia. It’s called Proclivity and isn’t ready for consumer use yet. However, a beta version is available if you want to try out this alternative tweak store.


Remember iMods? Well, this app is very similar to that in terms of design and interface. You can download the Proclivity app from Cydia right now and try it out. Since it’s in beta, you will not have access to many tweaks or repos, but you will get an idea of how things function.

The developers behind Proclivity are calling it a tweak management app rather than a store. Yes, you will still have access to all the tweaks from BigBoss and other repos. You can install, uninstall and manage all your tweaks with ease using this app. One cool feature of Proclivity is that it lets you install tweaks in the background, just like the App Store.


The app also lets you sync your Cydia account and access all the installed tweaks from your previous devices. There’s a feature called Proclivity-Load that lets you directly use a tweak without having to restart the SpringBoard. The user interface is also very easy to use and uses iOS 8 like animations and blur effects. Below is a video showing the tweak in action.

If you’re interested in trying out Proclivity, you’ll need to have a jailbroken iPhone 6, 6 Plus or the latest iPads. Head on over to Cydia and add the following repo from Sources>Edit>Add:

Install Proclivity preview from the repository and try it out. Let us know what you think of this new store. Will you consider switching from Cydia?

Clap tweak settings

Has it ever happened to you that you forgot where you left your iPhone? Be it at your home, office or a friends place, this can be very annoying, specially if your iPhone is on Silent/Vibrate. Don’t you wish you could just call out to your iPhone and expect a reply? Well, this new tweak called Clap, does just that.


Clap listens to loud noises such as clapping or shouting and runs in the background on your iPhone. To try and not drain your battery, it only listens at set intervals and responds with a short and loud alarm. Once the tweak is enabled and suppose you misplace your iPhone, you can play the Hide and Clap game with your device. Just like in the movie The Conjuring!

The tweak also has another feature that uses the accelerometer to determine if the device is in motion, so it doesn’t activate itself at the wrong time. You can also easily Enable/Disable the tweak using the Ringer switch on your iPhone. The developer says that the tweak’s effect on the battery is hardly noticeable.


Clap is available in the BigBoss repo for $0.99. As of now, it doesn’t support the iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 8. Do you think this tweak will be useful to you?

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Switchability tweak adds app switcher in Reachability view

A new Cydia tweak called Switchability brings the iOS App Switcher to the Reachability view on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Making the best of all the empty space when you turn on Reachability.


Switchability lets you use the App Switcher from the Reachability view, making it easier to switch apps instead of double tapping the Home button every time. The tweak comes with plenty of options and gives a 3D or 2D Card like App Switcher, similar to how the Tabs appear in the Safari app. You also get other options that let you change the Title font, Space, adjust size of the Reachability view and more.

Once enabled, you’ll simply have to Double Tap the TouchID/Home button to launch Reachability and the App Switcher. Tap on an app card to switch to that app or swipe left to disable it. At the bottom of the App Switcher, you’ll also find options to close all apps and add your favorite apps.


Like what this tweak does? You can download Switchability from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for $1.99. The tweak can do with some improvements, but it is a great idea and works quite well too. Try it out, if you wish, and let us know what you think.

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WiFi Booster for iOS 8 jailbreak tweak

Sometimes, if a WiFi network doesn’t have a strong signal, your iOS device will not show it in the WiFi options. The iOS Settings app doesn’t show a network below a certain signal strength. That doesn’t mean that you cannot connect to it, but iOS doesn’t let you. To get rid of that problem, there’s a new tweak available in Cydia right now, called WiFi Booster.

WiFi Booster

Like its name, the tweak boosts WiFi reception on your iOS device and displays every available network in range, including the weak ones. It also shows the MAC address of the WiFi network along with true signal strength.

Therefore, using the WiFi Booster tweak, you can connect to a network that would otherwise be impossible to connect to. This tweak isn’t new, it’s been available on iOS 7 and older for sometime now. However, it was recently updated with support for iOS 8.


WiFi Booster isn’t a free tweak and will cost you $1.99. Is it worth it? Well, we’ll let you decide that. If you were already using WiFi Booster on iOS 7, then the update is free on iOS 8.

Try it out and let us know what you think of this tweak.

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DoubleTapToSleep Cydia tweak in BigBoss repo

Does your iOS device have a broken or problematic Home button? Do you hate using AssistiveTouch to lock your screen or put your device to sleep? Well, this new tweak should solve that problem. DoubleTapToSleep is a new Cydia tweak that does exactly what the name suggests.


Once you install this tweak, you can simply double tap on your homescreen or the lockscreen to put your device to sleep. Simple as that. There are no options to fiddle with, just a straight-to-the-point tweak.

DoubleTapToSleep will work with all the new iPhones and iPads and yes, it supports iOS 8. The tweak is available for free in the BigBoss repo. Another tweak called Smart Tap, which wakes your device using the double tap gesture is also useful. However, you cannot use them both together unless the developers add other gestures or custom gestures to activate these tweaks.

Both these features have been taken from the Android ecosystem and can be very useful. What do you think of this tweak?

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