AFC2 For iOS 8 Gives You Complete Access To Your iOS Device

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Apple File Conduit 2 (AFC2) available in Cydia

AFC or Apple File Conduit is the means by which Apple gives iTunes and iPhoto read and write ability for media on your iOS device. However, you don’t get access to all the files with the regular AFC. Hence, Saurik has released AFC2, which gives the user complete access to all the files on their iOS device. Of course, you’ll have to be jailbroken to install AFC2 on your device.


Those who have already jailbroken their iOS device on iOS 8 or later and want complete access to their files from their PC or Mac, should install AFC2. You can use third-party software such as iExplorer and iFunbox to transfer files to and from your iOS device using a USB connection. This can be highly useful, but can also cause security issues for some as you get full root access via USB.

Nevertheless, if you want to install AFC2 on your jailbroken iOS device, search for Apple File Conduit 2 on Cydia. Once it’s installed, you can use tools like iFunbox to move, edit and browse all files on your iOS device. AFC2 is compatible will all versions of iOS, including the latest 8.1 release. If you’re concerned about the security issues, then you probably shouldn’t install it. Since AFC2 is a complicated package, some users may face installation issues.

Have you installed AFC2 on your iOS device? Is it useful for you?