Bigify: Change The Size Of Your Icons [Cydia Tweak]

Bigify is a Cydia tweak which allows you to modify the size of your home screen icons. Among size, you can also change, rotation, transparency, dock and badges. This tweak is useful for a number of applications. For example, if you are using iconoclasm and all the icons are not fitting on one grid, one can simply make the icons smaller. Another example, if you want to have an app page with a few very large icons as a home screen, then you can do that. I also mentioned Bigify in my article about SBRotator, as a way to make the icons less cluttered when rotating to landscape.


You can also use smaller icons to try and achieve an iPad effect. Does the picture above not remind you slightly of an iPad mini?

Bigify is free from the BigBoss repo (no additional source installs). You can also splash out on Bigify+, a paid version of this tweak with many more features, but I only needed Bigify for my purposes.

Let us know how you use Bigify, or if you come up with a creative icon layout.

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  • scottdouglasjohnson

    I tried bigify+ on an ipod gen 5 with ios 8. Ended up in safe mode and uninstalled it. As I type this bigify is being removed because it put my pod in safe mode. I’ve tried shrink but can’t get to do anything, tried shrinked but that is also no joy. I find springtomize 3 only lets me use part of my screen (or maybe it is limited on the number of rows it will allow, not sure). Icon resizer resprings my pod.