Blurpaper: Add An Artistic Blur To Your Background [Cydia Tweak/Theme]

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Blurpaper is a small tweak which blurs your wallpaper on your homescreen, lockscreen, or both. Sometimes a background on iOS can be a little bit distracting; popping in and out between the icons and creating a chopped up image. Often a blur effect will solve that, and make the background look nice and smooth.


One of the greatest features of this tweak is the option of customization. If you go into Settings, and then into the Blurpaper menu you can change a lot of things about the blur of the background, including blur amount, style and even radius. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can even customize the blur fading in on unlock.

image (1)

You will need to add a new source to use this tweak, as it does not come pre-installed. To do this open up Cydia, select Sources, tap Edit, and then Add. Then enter the address below:

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