Custom Touch ID Fail, StatusBarTimer And Torch: 3 Cydia Tweaks To Check Out Over The Weekend

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Here are 3 more jailbreak tweaks worth checking out this weekend.

Custom Touch ID Fail – Change TouchID’s Error Message

Custom Touch ID Fail cydia tweak

The Custom Touch ID Fail tweak, developed by Charlie Riesner, allows you to set a personalized string for the TouchID unmatched fingerprint.

Failed Text 1: FLOP

Failed Text 2: Mega Fail

Failed Text 3: Ultra Flop

Failed Text 4: ENJOY

There are no options to configure and you can enter the phrase or text by going into the Settings app on your device. You can download the tweak for free from Cydia’s default BigBoss repository. It requires iOS 7 and TouchID.

StatusBarTimer – Display Stopwatch Timer On Statusbar

StatusBarTimer cydia tweak

StatusBarTimer is a simple tweak in Cydia that will add the timer next to the clock on your statusbar. iOS 7 is required and you can configure the tweaks options from the Settings application. StatusBarTimer is available in the default BigBoss repo for free.

Torch – Toggle LED Flash From The Lockscreen

Torch cydia tweak

Torch is a very useful simple Cydia tweak from developer rvirajm that adds a toggle for the LED flash on your lockscreen next to the clock.

Do you just hate it when the electricity in your house or any place goes down? And you need to launch the Camera App and then toggle flashlight? Some people do want to toggle the Flashlight super-quickly and easily. Especially in my country, where electricity goes down a dozen times. This tweak simply adds a flashlight toggle on the LockScreen next to the clock.

You can enable / disable the tweak from your device’s Settings app. If you are interested in downloading the Torch tweak, it is available in the ModMyi repository for free.

Let us know what you think of these 3 jailbreak tweaks in the comments.