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Looking for what Cydia tweaks have been released for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad? Below you will find a massive list of tweaks that have been released over the years. They are listed in alphabetical order to help you find a specific one easier.


Aeternum: Get Apple Watch UI On iOS Device

Allarm: Toggle All Alarms At Once

Apple File Conduit 2 (AFC2): Gives Complete Access To iOS Device On iOS 8

Air Traffic Control: Disable Airplane Mode Alerts

ArchiveToDeb: Convert An Archive To .Deb File

AudioOut: Output Audio Through iOS Device’s Speaker Even When Headphones Are Connected


BattSaver For iOS 7 & 8: Double Battery Life

Best Call ID: Know Who Is Calling Before You Pickup

BetterWebPickerMenu: Show Full Length Items In Web Dropdowns

BetterFiveIconDock: Place An Extra App On Dock

BetterFiveColumnHomescreen: Add An Entire New Column Of Apps To Homescreen

Bigify: Change The Size Of The Icons

BlurSlide: Add A Blurry Slider To The Lockscreen

Blurpaper: Add An Artistic Blur To The Background


CameraLocation: Auto-Enable Location For Lockscreen Camera

CallShortcut: Add Your Favourite Contacts To The Home Screen

CalcBase: Swipe To Change Base In Stock Calculator App

CameraTweak 3 (iOS 8): Add Powerful Enhancements To Stock Camera App

CCLoader: Completely Customize Control Center To Your Liking

CCSettings: Toggles For Control Center

Centered: Add The Control Center Tab To Notification Center

Central Hider: Disable CC/NC Via An Activator Gesture

CenterStage: Open NC/CC From Only The Middle Of The Screen

Clap: Clap Your Hands To Find Your iPhone

Clex: Control Your Music From Anywhere

Contrast70: Bring iOS 7.1’s UI Contrast Handling To iOS 7.0

ConvoPics: Enable Conversation List Pictures

Cou: Change ‘Slide to Answer’ Knob To Buttons

Custom Touch ID Fail: Change TouchID’s Error Message


DetailedBatteryUsage: Get Detailed Battery Usage In iOS 8

Don’t Scroll To Top: Disable Statusbar Jump To Top

DockAdjust: Adjust The Height Of Your Dock

DoubleTapToSleep: Double Tap To Lock Your iOS Device

DreamBoard: DreamBoard Fix For iOS 7


EZRingtones: Add Ringtones From Audiko And Zedge


Faces: Add Images To The Passcode Buttons

Flinfo: Get App Info By Flicking Its Icon




iDevice Wise: Know Every Spec About Your iDevice

iFile: A File Manager And Viewer

iMaker: Make Animations For App Icons

ImageExplorer: Find Images And Artwork On Your iOS Device

iSwipe Keyboard: Swype For iOS 7




LabelShift: Move The SpringBoard Labels Up

Launch Brightness: Brightness Levels For Resprings / Restarts

LockSpeed: Bring Speed Dial To Lockscreen

Lumos: Add A Flashlight Button On Your Lockscreen


Message Scheduler For WhatsApp: Schedule WahtsApp To Send Messages At A Specific Time

MSGSplus: Several Tweaks For The Messages App

MyPhoneDefault: Change Some Settings

MyWi: Easily Create A WiFi Hotspot (Tethering App)


NoMotion: Remove All Parallax Motion Effects In iOS 7

NoSlowAnimations: Speed Up iOS 7 Animations

NoSwipeSafari: Disable Back/Forward Swiping In Safari

No Passcode Lockout: Disable The Passcode Retry Limits



Parental Controls For iOS: Control Your Child’s Usage Of Their iOS Device

PredictiveKeyboard: Add iOS 8 Style Predictive Typing To Your Keyboard

Programmable SMS: Send Text Messages Using Activator


QuickShare: Simplify The Way You Share To Facebook, Twitter And Messages

QuickShoot: Double-Tap Camera Icon To Shoot (QuickShoot Pro and QuickShoot Pro 2)


Radiate: Make Your Icons Glow

Reachability7: Bring iOS 8’s Reachability Feature To iOS 7

ReachAll: Bring Reachability To iOS 8 Compatible Devices

Resume: Resume Your Music On Respring Or Reboot


Safari Full URL: Show The Full Safari URL

SBRotator: Give The iPhone Home Screen A Landscape Mode

SBFlip: Enable Homescreen Rotation

ScrubAround: A Round Scrubber For Your Music

SetBack: Save Your Jailbreak Setup For Reverting Back In The Future

Shy Page Dots: Hide Page Dots When Not Scrolling

Software Update Killer: Stop Your iOS Device From Nagging You To Upgrade

SpeedMaster / SpeedMasterFree: Increase/Decrease The Speed Of Your iOS Apps And Games

StatusBarTimer: Display Stopwatch Timer On Statusbar

Stepper: Show Step Count On Lockscreen And Statusbar

SwitchAutofocus: Disable Autofocus In Camera App

Switchability: Add App Switcher In Reachability View


Torch: Toggle LED Flash From The Lockscreen



Vibration for Activator: Makes The Device Vibrate On A Specified Event

Vine++: Download Videos From iOS Vine App

VolHUD: Shrink The Volume HUD On iOS 7

Volume Amplifier: Boost Volume Up To 200%


WhatsApp Black List: Disable WhatsApp Notification Reminders And Read Receipts

WinterBoard: The Ultimate Theming Platform

WiFi Booster: View All Available WiFi Networks




Zw1t Lite: Zoom With 1 Thumb In Mobile Safari