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DoubleTapToSleep Cydia tweak in BigBoss repo

Does your iOS device have a broken or problematic Home button? Do you hate using AssistiveTouch to lock your screen or put your device to sleep? Well, this new tweak should solve that problem. DoubleTapToSleep is a new Cydia tweak that does exactly what the name suggests.


Once you install this tweak, you can simply double tap on your homescreen or the lockscreen to put your device to sleep. Simple as that. There are no options to fiddle with, just a straight-to-the-point tweak.

DoubleTapToSleep will work with all the new iPhones and iPads and yes, it supports iOS 8. The tweak is available for free in the BigBoss repo. Another tweak called Smart Tap, which wakes your device using the double tap gesture is also useful. However, you cannot use them both together unless the developers add other gestures or custom gestures to activate these tweaks.

Both these features have been taken from the Android ecosystem and can be very useful. What do you think of this tweak?

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