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iOS developer Brave Heart has released a new jailbreak tweak in Cydia called Flinfo. With this tweak, you can swipe up on an app’s icon to bring up an actionsheet with buttons that will let you copy either the Bundle ID, Display Name, Executable Name or Version (if the data is available) to your clipboard, which then you can paste in the Notes app or wherever you want.

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Here’s how to install and use Flinfo to get application information:

1. Launch Cydia and search for ‘Flinfo’ (it’s a free download from the default BigBoss repo).

2. Select Install, Confirm and then Respring SpringBoard.

3. Go to the SpringBoard (homescreen) on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and flick any icon.

4. You should see an actionsheet pop up, press one of the buttons.

5. The button’s relative data will then be copied to the clipboard for you to use.

flinfo cydia tweak ipad jailbreak centric

If you have any other application information that you would like to be able to retrieve, you can email the developer (Brave Heart) using the Author button located in Flinfo’s description page on Cydia. iOS 7 is required for this tweak to properly work.