iSwipe Keyboard: Use Android/iOS 8 Style ‘Swype’ Typing In iOS 7 [Cydia Tweak]

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iSwipe Keyboard is a Cydia tweak which allows iOS 7 users to use a ‘Swype’ style keyboard. This finally brings a way for iOS 7 users to use this type of keyboard, as Android users have had it for years. Although this tweak looks great on iOS 7, you can also use it on earlier firmwares.


In fact, iOS 8 was recently released with support for ‘Swype’ typing (an iOS first). So, if you’re still on iOS 7, you may feel a little jealous. You will have to add a source to download this tweak, as it does not come pre-installed. Go into ‘sources’ and select ‘Edit’. Then select ‘add’. Then you should type in the source address as follows:

The tweak ‘iSwipe Keyboard’ will either show up under the small number of packages the source contains, or simply in search.

A great companion to this tweak (as shown in the picture below) is PredictiveKeyboard. This enables predictive text and looks great with iSwipe Keyboard. This really gives your keyboard the full feel of ‘Swype’ or ‘Swiftkey’.

image (2)

This tweak can really increase your typing speed on your iDevice (once you get used to it) although it might seem messy at first, it’s worth using. I would personally recommend it.