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Programmable SMS is a new Cydia tweak developed by PlatypusW that allows you to create, delete and modify Activator actions to send text messages. Here is a list of some basic use examples:

  • Scheduled texts – bind a message to ‘scheduled’ event in activator.
  • Auto reply to ‘X’ – bind a message to ‘received message from X’ event to auto reply.
  • ‘Joined/left x wifi’ – send messages based on the wifi ‘location’.

Programmable SMS adds a preference pane to the default Settings application where you can configure the tweaks options. It requires iOS 7 and the Activator tweak from Cydia to properly work. Bind actions in Activator.

Programmable SMS cydia tweak-1

Programmable SMS cydia tweak-2

The developer of this tweak has released a demo video which gives you a better understanding of how it works. Check it out below:

Programmable SMS is available right now on Cydia in the BigBoss repo for free. Drop us a line in the comments section below on what you think of it.