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Reachability7 cydia tweak

Reachability was a feature brought in with iOS 8 to help users reach some of the top areas of the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus’ screens. This was a great idea by Apple, but some people have also wanted this even for their iPhone 4 and 5 (despite the screen being smaller). A developer has actually designed a Reachability tweak for iOS 7. This tweak can actually really help. For example, if I’m holding the iPhone in one hand I can just quickly tap one of the top most icons without having to change my hand position.


As you can see in the picture, Reachability7 drops the screen down a certain number of pixels (which you can set in the Settings for the tweak). You can also pick from a vast amount of Activation Methods (taken from Activator) to implement Reachability7 in as slick a way possible. As you can see below I selected ‘Triple Press’.

activation methods

As this tweak is included in the BigBoss repository, you will not need to add any sources to download this tweak. Just search: ‘Reachability7’.

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