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Have you ever got locked out of your iOS device because a friend, family member or someone typed too many passcodes? Well I have and it’s annoying! Using the No Passcode LockOut jailbreak tweak, you can type wrong passcode’s as much as you want and your iOS device will not lock for 5 minutes or you don’t have to restore your iOS device to use it again. This tweak works only on iOS 7.1.x and you can enable it from the Settings app.

no passcode lockout cydia tweak jailbreakcentric

No Passcode LockOut is a free jailbreak tweak and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo. Share your thoughts on this tweak in the comments.

Want some new features for the Messages app? MSGSplus is a new jailbreak tweak which adds several nice features to the stock Messages app. They are:

  • Auto load messages (history)
  • I’m not typing (doesn’t show that you are typing a message)
  • No search bar (disables the search bar)
  • No rotate (disables the autorotation)
  • No separators (removes the separators for a cleaner look)
  • Blue keyboard
  • Black keyboard
  • Send large attachments

All of these functions can easily be activated or deactivated through the Settings app. iOS 7 is required for this tweak to properly work.

MSGSplus cydia tweak jailbreakcentric

Note: If for some reason the blue keyboard didn’t work you can go to mobile/library/caches and simply delete com.apple.keyboards.

If you are interested in downloading the MSGSplus Cydia tweak it is available for free from the default BigBoss repository.