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BetterWebPickerMenu is a new iOS Cydia tweak by Mohamed Marbouh. This tweak lets you show full options in website drop downs, without the ellipsis at the end. Basically when you try to make a selection, if the text is too long it gets cut off with an “…”. Well, thanks to this tweak, it no longer will. BetterWebPickerMenu works with all browsers that use the default iSO functions. It’s been tested and working on Chrome, Opera Mini, Safari, Mercury, Dolphin, and Puffin. Once installed, there are no options to configure.

BetterWebPickerMenu cydia tweak jailbreak centric-1

BetterWebPickerMenu cydia tweak jailbreak centric-2

BetterWebPickerMenu cydia tweak jailbreak centric-3

If you want to give BetterWebPickerMenu a try, it’s available in Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. It requires iOS 7. Let us know what know what you think of this tweak below.