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Allarm cydia tweak in modmyi repository

If you’re not a morning person, but are forced to wake up early to go to work, school etc, then you probably set back to back alarms. Allarm is a new Cydia tweak that allows you to turn on all alarms in one tap.


A very simple yet functional tweak that will save a few seconds every night. After installing the tweak, you’ll see a Toggle All Alarms button when you set an alarm. If you have set back to back alarms for every half hour, you can simply use this tweak to turn on or off all the alarms. Very useful for the lazy ones and the sleepy-heads.


There is another way of doing this, and that is with the help of Siri. Simply say Enable all alarms or Disable all alarms and Siri will do what this tweak does. So, is this a useful tweak? Well, maybe for some.

Allarm is not compatible with iPad as of now and will only work on iOS 8 or later. It’s available in Cydia for free right now. Let us know if you’re going to check this tweak out.

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Blend is a good looking theme on Cydia which makes more than a few changes to your iOS 7 experience. When you download the theme, the first thing you will notice is that the icons are circular. I personally quite like this, as it gives a little bit more space between the icons. The icons also all look really natural when turned into circles, which is great.

blend for iphone and ipad

However, this is not the only tweak to the UI which it applies. It also makes changes to Control Center (on iPhone only), and the sound effects of iOS 7. Another great thing about the theme is that it works on iPad and iPhone, so you can have a continuous experience between your two devices (if you have both) with the same theme.

blend control center

The theme is free, and is available from ModMyi, which comes pre-installed with Cydia.

Let us know if you like the theme.

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Here are three free Cydia tweaks that you may want to try out on your jailbroken iOS device.

Safari Full Url – Show The Full Safari URL

Safari Full Url cydia tweak

Safari Full Url is a new simple jailbreak tweak in Cydia that will make Safari always show the full URL. It is compatible with iOS 7.x and there are no options to configure through the Settings app. Safari Full Url is free to download from the default BigBoss repo.

Faces – Add Images To The Passcode Buttons

faces cydia tweak

The Faces Cydia tweak, developed by Ben Rosen and CPDigitalDarkroom, lets you set a custom picture for each button on the lockscreen passcode. Pretty cool, huh? After you have installed the tweak, head on over to its preference panel in the Settings app to add your own pictures and even change the opacity of the pictures. According to the developer, 0.5 opacity gives the best result.

If you are interested in the Faces tweak, it is available for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. It works on all iOS 7 devices.

Vibration for Activator – Makes The Device Vibrate On A Specified Event

Vibration for Activator cydia tweak jailbreak centric

The Vibration for Activator Cydia tweak will make the device vibrate on a specified event. This can be used as an alert to other actions simultaneously (you are able to assign multiple actions to a specified event). You can configure its options from the stock Settings app. If this tweak sounds like it can come in handy for you, it is available in the default ModMyi repo for free.

Let us know if you plan on picking up any of these tweaks in the comments!

Here are 3 Cydia tweaks for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that are worth checking out!


QuickShare is a recently released jailbreak tweak that was created to simplify the way you share to Twitter, Facebook and Messages. It is compatible with iOS 7.0 to iOS 7.1.x and requires Activator to properly work. Check out the screenshots below for an example.

QuickShare cydia tweak jailbreak centric-1

QuickShare cydia tweak jailbreak centric-2

QuickShare is available in Cydia from the ModMyi repository for free. If you download this tweak, be sure to share your thoughts of it in the comments section below.


The Contrast70 Cydia tweak brings the iOS 7.1’s UI contrast handling to iOS 7.0. Check out the official description below:

Unlike iOS 7.1, iOS 7.0 lacks reducing transparency feature in both Folders background and Dock background. This tweak fulfils the feature by implementing most code for the feature from iOS 7.1 (disassembly used) backported to iOS 7.0.

TODO: Set icon labels color to black for those in dock when Increase Contrast option is enabled.

contrast70 cydia tweak jailbreak centric

This tweak is for iOS 7.0.x only and there are no options to configure. Contrast70 is available for free in the BigBoss repository. If you are still running iOS 7.0.x, are you going to download this tweak? Let us know in the comments.

Don’t Scroll to Top

Don’t Scroll to Top, developed by Firemoon777, is a simple Cydia tweak that will prevent your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from scrolling to the top of the screen when you tap the statusbar. You can configure the tweaks options from the stock Settings app. iOS 7 is required for it to properly work.

don't scroll to top cydia tweak jailbreak centric

If this Cydia tweak will come in handy for you, it is available to download from the BigBoss repo for free. Let us know if you are going to download this tweak in the comments.

If you enjoy customizing your iOS device using themes or other user interface tweaks, then you need to check out SetBack. The SetBack jailbreak tweak allows you to backup your iOS device setup, wallpapers, all tweak preferences, SpringBoard layout and WinterBoard themes, and whatever else you have installed, so you can easily revert back to those settings with the touch of a button.

SetBack cydia tweak jailbreakcentric-1

How To Save Or Revert Your Jailbreak iOS Device Setup Using SetBack

To use SetBack, simply tap the SetBack icon on your SpringBoard to launch the SetBack interface. The add ‘+’ button allows you to save your new setups, while holding down on a setup will give you several options such as: Rename, Delete and Update. If you need to revert to a saved setup, simply just tap on the setup and confirm to begin the reverting process. Your iOS device will automatically respring at the end and your setup will be loaded.

SetBack cydia tweak jailbreakcentric-2

SetBack cydia tweak jailbreakcentric-3

You can download SetBack from the Cydia Store for $2.00. It is available under the ModMyi repo and requires iOS 7 or above. Let us know what you think of this tweak in the comments.